About Us

Velometrik , the specialist for innovative and durable pressure sensors.

Sensors, electronics and software, all from one source.

At Velometrik GmbH, we are proud to be pioneers in the field of textile-based pressure sensors. Since 2015, we have specialized in developing, producing and selling high-quality pressure sensors and pressure measuring films. These are not only accurate, but also offer exceptional durability. Our goal is to create advanced solutions that enable our customers to precisely measure, visualize and evaluate pressures and pressure distributions.

Originally developed for the bicycle retail and bike fitting market, our sensors have proven themselves to be suitable for a wide range of applications due to their robustness, flexibility and adaptability.

We have the right solution. Thanks to our in-house expertise in sensor technology, as well as electronics and software development, we can respond to individual ideas and requirements and offer a suitable product.

Visualisierung der Druckverteilung eines liegenden Menschen

Making pressure visible

Two surfaces touching each other is an everyday occurrence. But what is the pressure distribution like? Where are the extreme values ​​and where is there no contact? If you would like to know more, we would be happy to help you with an individual solution or find the right product from our portfolio with you.

Rechteckiger textiler Drucksensor

Individual textile pressure sensors

Together with our manufacturing partners, we create solutions for a wide range of problems. Whether the size of a palm or the size of a bed, from a quantity of 1, in small or large series.

Elektronische Platinen mit Velometrik Logo


Not just nice to look at. The right electronics, tailored to the sensor and your requirements.

Sourcecode für die Velometrik Druckmessung

Software integration

Integrate sensor data into your software? No problem! With our local API, it is possible to access pressure visualizations and evaluations directly. For individual processing of the measured values, the live data can be accessed directly from the sensor electronics.