SmartCover Software

The SmartCover is a powerful tool for measuring saddle pressure during bike fitting. It integrates seamlessly into your equipment and your existing processes. You can underpin your expertise with reliable data, gain new insights and document the successes for your customers in a transparent and comprehensible way. It is easy to operate via a web browser, without an existing internet connection or installation.

Our software includes efficient customer and session management. You can quickly and easily convert the data and evaluations obtained into professional reports for your customers using the fitting protocol generator and our print image gallery.

Thanks to smart textiles and electronic pressure measuring film, the SmartCover enables precise and high-resolution saddle pressure measurement. It dynamically takes into account the distance between the sit bones, the pressure distribution and the center of pressure. This gives you important information about the pelvic rotation and the rocking behavior on the bicycle saddle.


The dashboard is the entry point into the Velobox. It presents tiles for selecting applications and provides a clear overview of all available functions. A warm welcome greets the user and language settings are available for personalized access. A central location for optimal use of the Velobox.

Customer management

Customer management is an important part of Velobox. It allows you to view existing customers, create new customers, access the customer file and remove customers. These functions allow you to always keep track of everything and manage customer relationships efficiently.

Session management

Session management is an indispensable feature of the Velobox. Various bike fitting sessions, such as for MTB or RACE, can be managed here. In addition to editing customer data, it also allows you to continue sessions that have already been created. This keeps track of everything and ensures that the bike fitting processes are carried out effectively and seamlessly.

Saddle pressure analysis

The saddle pressure analysis is a powerful tool in the Velobox that uses a pressure measuring mat or pressure measuring film to create a live image of the pressure distribution on the bicycle saddle. The comparison measurement can be used to analyze different pressure images to identify potential problem areas. Automatic evaluations provide valuable information about pressure points, asymmetrical loads and potential pressure points. The image export enables the data to be shared for detailed discussion or further processing. In addition, masks can be created and managed to precisely record specific saddle features and make optimal adjustments. The saddle pressure analysis with the pressure measuring mat or pressure measuring film is an indispensable feature for every bike fitting in order to achieve an individual and ergonomically optimized seating position.


The protocol is an important part of the bike fitting in the Velobox. It contains rider data as well as two freely selectable saddle pressure images with detailed evaluations. In addition, the frame geometry can be recorded. The protocol also offers space for notes to record individual comments. It can be exported as a PDF to be easily shared or archived. An indispensable document for a comprehensive and professional bike fitting analysis.

3D pressure images

A very special highlight of the Velobox is the three-dimensional representation of the saddle pressure values. This graphic makes it possible to clearly visualize the pressure distribution on the saddle. The representation can be freely moved and enlarged so that every angle can be viewed in detail. It is also possible to export the graphic and reuse it. A real eye-catcher and an invaluable tool for analyzing and optimizing the saddle position.