SmartCover Hardware

The Velometrik SmartCover is designed to complement and support bike fitting. It is a powerful tool and easy to use. There is therefore no need to install any software or drivers. The connection to the sensor also happens automatically. All that is required is an up-to-date browser.

Plug in, switch on and get started.

Drucksensor Velometrik SmartCover auf Fahrradsattel

Velobox and SmartCover

The Velometrik Velobox is included with the Velometrik SmartCover. This is where the magic happens. The Velobox takes care of all aspects of the bike fitting system. It automatically connects to the SmartCover, calculates the analysis values ​​and creates the beautiful images that help us better understand what is happening between the rider and the saddle. The user interface can be easily opened in a web browser. From there, customers and sessions can be saved and opened and new measurements taken.

Drucksensor auf textiler Basis für Fahrradsattel von Velometrik


The sensor for the SmartCover was specially developed by us. With 348 pressure sensors, it offers outstanding high-resolution recording of the pressure distribution. There is almost no space between the 1 cm sensor elements. This means that the actual pressure is measured at every point on the saddle.

Grüner Oberstoff Velometrik SmartCover mit Wasserspritzern

Upper material

The upper material of the SmartCover is made of clinical synthetic leather. It is waterproof, disinfectable, certified for skin contact (biocompatible according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5, 1999-11), UV-, abrasion-, oil/grease-resistant and much more. In short: The best material available for this purpose!

Three years of warranty for Velometrik pressure sensor

Rugged and durable

The everyday life of a pressure sensor is not easy. People are constantly sitting on it and performing pedal movements. Conventional sensors tire under this strain and break.

When developing the pressure sensor for the Velometrik SmartCover, special attention was paid to durability . Thanks to the flexible, textile construction, our sensor is extremely robust and ideal for use in bike fitting.

You can rely on our sensors to withstand the demands of your everyday fitting routine. We guarantee this for 3 years!