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The Perfect Fit System
The Perfect Fit System
€22.00 *
Upgrade SmartCover
Upgrade SmartCover auf SmartCover BT - EU
Set for upgrading the SmartCover to SmartCover BT (wireless variant) Content: Velocontrol 2 With Velocontrol, the pressure sensor is connected to the Velobox for wireless and fluid transmission of pressure values from the pressure...
€626.05 *
SmartCube PRO - Velometrik
Digital seat bone measurer for determining the seat bone distance for the specialised bicycle and parts trade. 3.5" TFT display for showing the pressure image and the seat bone distance "Beep" confirmation tone after successful...
€1,200.00 *
SmartCover - Satteldruckanalyse
SmartCover BT
With the „Smart Cover“, Velometrik offers a smart textile as a saddle cover to show the pressure distribution on the bike while pedalling. The saddle cover has a robust, wipe-clean outer fabric. The pressure-sensitive textile is flexible...
€3,360.50 *